About Us


We at United Quest Care Services, LLC, are devoted to the greater Carolina population, consisting of those who lack employment, education, support, counseling/therapy due to substance abuse or mental health issues needing help returning to normal state of living. To boot, when providing services we have established standards to ensure effective and culturally competent care to promote recovery. Our mission is to make available, ways for the people of Greensboro to become positive members of their communities.


United Quest Care Services, LLC was founded in 2009 by Fritz Vaneus, Jr. and Freddy Vaneus with the vision of creating a community based realm of services that treats every client with dignity and first-rate care. The administrators and staff at United Quest Care Services, LLC are highly-trained and exceptionally friendly. We understand the hopes and dreams of our client base and are highly motivated to help them achieve their goals.


Each client that receives services will be empowered and assisted to maximize his or her potential in their community.


UQCS focuses on the issues which require the most attention and plan to implement soluble methods to strengthen the lives of our consumers. Services are to be delivered by means of a comprehensive system of care, which emphasizes the most appropriate, least restrictive settings to promote the highest level of functioning. United Quest Care Services sets policies, and promotes self determination, protects human rights and supports innovative mental health treatments.

We have enlightened ourselves and become aware of the specific needs of the population we aim to serve and have developed a mindset that encompasses those needs allowing us to carry out our mission.


Our commitment is to break down pillars to perpetuate freedom, dignity, and family independence while fostering growth, awareness, and community inclusion
Striving to provide individuals and their families with the treatment, services and supports needed to live successfully in the community.
Statement of values

We strive to improve the quality of life for individuals participating in our services by using all available resources
We value the health and well being of staff and the people we serve
We dedicate ourselves to treating everyone with respect and dignity
We protect the confidentiality and rights of individuals
We are committed to providing reasonable accessibility of services within our communities
We serve all individuals participating in our services in a timely manner with those in the most need being served first
We continue to improve the effectiveness of our agency
We utilize best practices and maintain adherence to fidelity in utilizing
We maintain a fiscally sound agency
We advocate for the best outcomes in the lives of those we serve
We advocate for personal and family independence of the persons that we serve

Fritz Vaneus, Jr.

Fritz Vaneus Jr. earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreational Management and leisure activities with a minor in psychology at Cheyney University in 2000. He successfully completed his masters of science in community psychology from Springfield College of human services in 2003. In addition Mr. Vaneus earned a certification in Applied Behavior Analyst from St. Joseph’s University in 2004.